Max Cavalera on the Jasta Show

In today’s episode of the Jasta show, Jamey Jasta sits down with Max Cavalera (Soulfly, Sepultura, and the Cavalera Conspiracy). They discuss the upcoming Cavalera Conspiracy record, Max's upcoming track with the Acacia Strain, sobriety, upcoming track with the Acacia Strain, the creation of Soulfly, touring with Slayer, the possibility of a Sepultura reunion, and all things Ozzy.

Max on starting Soulfly after Sepultura dissolved: “For five months I was locked in getting wasted on pills and booze. I lost my weapon. Sepultura was my weapon in which I fought the world…people started kicking my ass to get back in the game…Ozzy was one of them…He sat down with me and said if you really want to do it you can…I did it with Sabbath.”

Max on a Sepultura Reunion Show: "“People have been trying to get us to do it. Even Sharon (Osbourne) offered us a lot of money to headline Ozzfest. There has been some offers for promoters for serious money. For me I am worried about the actual event. The actual band. It can go really bad or really good."

Killer Be Killed's debut self titled record is out now on Nuclear Blast.  The Cavalera Conspiracy's new record, Pandemonium is out November 4th on Napalm Records.

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